Arburg to expand facility in Germany; additional space by 2020

Arburg to expand facility in Germany

Germany-based machinery maker Arburg is on a roll: first it invested in a Training Centre, for which the foundation was laid in 2017 and is now on schedule for construction. Prior to that, Assembly Hall 22 opened in 2016, and is rolling out machines. Now, Arburg has announced its next big project: the construction of the new Assembly Hall 23, which will provide around 18,000 sq m of new floor area and give the Lossburg-based company substantially more space at its parent company site to expand its production capacity.

“At the international press conference, held during our Technology Days in mid-March, I was already saying that, while we here at Arburg have certainly built on many occasions, and a fair amount at that – we have never before engaged in quite as much construction work, nor progressed with it quite as vigorously, as we have over the last five years,” stated Managing Partner Michael Hehl, who is responsible for premises development.

Furthermore, now that the decision has been taken to invest a Euro figure in the double-digit millions, Arburg says it is raising the bar even higher.

Since the global economy has been performing consistently well over the last few years, and given that the ability to deliver machines to customers on schedule and in the desired quantities is now more important to corporate success than ever before, construction of the next factory building on the Oberndorfer Strasse is about to be tackled, and ‘Hall 23’ will be the outcome.

“We wish to sell even more of our machines as global demand for them rises, and we are seeking to manufacture them even more quickly,” stated Michael Hehl.

With building Hall 21 around the turn of the millennium, Arburg says it had already taken the wise precaution of tackling a raft of important preliminary work for new infrastructure. As a consequence, it is now possible to proceed rapidly with the construction with completion targeted for 2020.


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