Toyobo expands further in Brazil to cater to auto market

To further the development of its engineering plastics business for automotive parts in Brazil, Japanese firm Toyobo has decided to build a 5,000-tonne/year capacity production plant within the Americana Plant (located in the city of Americana in Säo Paulo Province) of Toyobo do Brasil, which is a 100% of subsidiary of Toyobo do Brasil Industria Textil (100% owned by Toyobo) and that has a history of more than 50 years through the textile industry. The plant will start up in 2014.

As Japan’s automobile manufacturers, which are the principal customers for Toyobo’s engineering plastics, have relocated their production facilities outside Japan, Toyobo has set up sales offices as well as local production and development systems in North America, China, Thailand, and Indonesia.

Last fiscal year, Brazil’s automotive market climbed to 3.8 million units sold, thus placing Brazil in fourth place among the world’s car markets. Further expansion in the size of the middle-income class, who are recent users of automobiles, is forecast. Japanese automobile manufacturers are closely following the expansion of the Brazilian market and are preparing plans for expanding their production capacity in this new market, focusing especially on small cars.

Amid this business environment, Toyobo will build a new production plant and a laboratory within the Americana Plant of Toyobo do Brasil, which is close to the area where Japanese manufacturers have established their operations, to supply the needs of automobile parts manufacturers for engineering plastics in Brazil.

In Brazil, in addition to Toyobo’s engineering plastics business, which supplies materials for automotive parts manufacturing in the major markets around the world, Toyobo made Mitsutomo Chemicals (Headquartered in Nabari-shi, Mie Prefecture), a wholly owned subsidiary in April 2013. Toyobo will draw on the wide range of technologies for engineering plastics of Mitsutomo Chemicals and strive to meet a broad spectrum of customer needs through further developing its contract manufacturing of compounds business.

Also, to meet the procurement needs of automotive parts manufacturers, Toyobo has plans to increase the production capacity of this new facility step by step to 15,000 tonnes/year by the year 2020.


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