Cooper Standard opens two new facilities in China

US-headquartered Cooper-Standard Holdings, the parent company of Cooper-Standard Automotive, has opened two new facilities in China. The company unveiled its second Kunshan facility, a manufacturing and test centre, dedicated to fluid transfer and fuel and brake delivery systems. It is also opening ts new facility in Shenyang, which will produce sealing systems.

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"As Cooper Standard continues to grow in China and across the Asia Pacific region, these new facilities will further strengthen our market positions and enable us to better serve our customers," said Jeffrey Edwards, Chairman/CEO, Cooper Standard. "The further localisation and expansion of our test capabilities is part of our long-term commitment to the Chinese Market and is also essential to our profitable growth strategy."

The plant openings are the latest additions to Cooper Standard's strategic growth in China through acquisitions, joint venture partnerships and organic growth in recent years.

Expanding the fluid transfer and fuel and brake delivery systems operation to its second Kunshan location, a growing satellite city of Shanghai, reinforces the company's ability to serve the area where there is a concentration of automotive customers. This expansion further builds on the company's commitment to the region following the opening of its Asia Pacific Technical Centre in Shanghai last year to provide full support to customers.

The Shenyang sealing facility, based in the industrial heartland of Northeast China, further solidifies the company's leading position as the largest sealing manufacturer in the Chinese market. Earlier this year, Cooper Standard acquired majority ownership of its joint venture with Chinese domestic supplier, Huayu Automotive Systems.

The Kunshan and Shenyang locations cover 25,060 sq m and 8,721 sq m respectively, producing products utilising the Cooper Standard Operating System. Not only will the new facilities improve volume and product mix for Cooper Standard, but they are also expected to add over 500 employees to the Chinese workforce, including 20 engineers to fully support the development of global platforms designed in Asia.

Cooper Standard has steadily built up local capacity since entering the Chinese market in 2003. With these two new facilities, the company operates 11 manufacturing and technical facilities with 5,200 employees in the country, all adjacent to major OEM operations.

Cooper Standard produces sealing, fuel and brake delivery, fluid transfer and anti-vibration systems. It employs more than 27,000 people globally and operates in 20 countries around the world.


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