Covestro steps up investments in thermoplastic composites

Covestro steps up investments in thermoplastic composites

Materials firm Covestro says it is further developing its offerings and capabilities in continuous fibre-reinforced thermoplastic (CFRTP) composites, with a new tape line commissioned in Germany.

Its Maezio brand of CFRTP composites are based on continuous carbon fibres impregnated with thermoplastics like polycarbonates.

The new tape line is now commissioned in its Leverkusen laboratory to develop new products with different fibre and resin combinations. Their manufacture will in turn be scaled and commercialised at the production site in Markt Bibart in South Germany.

One such product under development is thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) -based CFRTP, which boasts chemical resistance properties and flexibility in a wide temperature range. There’s a strong demand especially from the footwear and sports equipment industries for such a strong and versatile product.

At the same time, new hybrid injection moulding machines are commissioned in Covestro’s CFRTP locations in Germany and China to build on processing know-how of complex, three-dimensional composite parts in support of application development across industries. A hybrid injection moulding machine combines the thermoforming of semi-finished composite parts with in-mould injection molding – a fully automated one-step processing technology, which reduces cycle times and improved productivity of mass produced composite parts.

“We’re working closely with our machinery and processing partners such as Krauss Maffei and Engel to offer customers full support in their product development process,” says Olaf Zoellner, head of application development Europe at the Polycarbonates business unit at Covestro. “A fully functional and supportive value chain with the know-how for mass production of composite parts is critical to bringing such solutions to the mainstream market.”


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