Stackteck unveils new mould for lighter pails

Canadian tooling specialist StackTeck Systems says it has successfully manufactured its first 5-gallon industrial pail mould using newly installed capacity that can handle all components of a pail mould in house. In addition, the tool maker says a new automation team has also produced tje first IML robot for a pail, which was configured for both a single cavity 5-gallon pail, as well as a 1×2 mould for 5 l pails.

According to Jeff Ngai, StackTeck’s Engineering Director: “Leveraging StackTeck’s technology for sustainable solutions has allowed us to incorporate our TRIM technology when moulding pails, reducing the weight of an industry standard 5-gallon pail by 120 g. TRIM involves moulding ultra-thin panels with flow leaders that assist with part filling and maintain part strength. This approach allows StackTeck to offer part weight savings that support a sustainable approach for injection moulded pails in the market. The TRIM panels on this pail have been reduced to 0.059 in.”

Stackteck unveils new mould for lighter pails

StackTeck began this pail mould development by benchmarking several different 5-gallon pail moulds with thick rim features that presented a cooling challenge. Most of these reference parts typically run in the range of 17-18 seconds. For the standard pail design, two sets of collets were made using alternate materials H13 and KoolTrack steel alloy.

With the H13 collets, a cycle time of 16 seconds was achieved. Using the KoolTrack collets there was a 1.8-second cycle time improvement and a final cycle time of 14.2 seconds for the standard pail. In both cases, the ejection part temperature was measured by means of a thermal camera.

Stackteck unveils new mould for lighter pails

The KoolTrack name encompasses a range of specialised cooling technologies that can be used to increase the productivity of StackTeck moulds, by means of:

  • Optimised cooling channels following 3D part geometry based on heat transfer simulation

  • Proprietary bonding process in stack manufacturing enables maximum conformal cooling

  • Steel alloys that have high rates of thermal transfer

  • Use of copper alloy inserts at key positions where feasible

Stackteck unveils new mould for lighter pails

According to StackTeck’s President/CEO, Vince Travaglini, “We’re very excited to be able to offer our customers a one-stop solution for their pail needs. We are committed to increasing our offerings that support sustainability and at the same time, we want to give our customers peace of mind, knowing that we are ready to deliver a fully integrated system as a complete IML moulding solution. StackTeck is the only turnkey provider of IML muolds and automation based in the Americas.”


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