New foil packaging goes lightweight with Mucell

Nordenia’s new thin blown foil packaging is a breakthrough in light-weight foil genre.. Thanks to Mucell’s microcellular foaming technology for extrusion for bringing the new NorCell foil’s weight down by 40% , compared to other conventional foil lines. The weight saving feature of NorCell has culminated to an award given by the German Packaging Institute during the FachPack Trade Fair in Nuremberg, Germany.

MuCell technology is based on the direct injection of N2 or CO2 gases in its supercritical state, thereby allowing for a single-phase gas/polymer solution. Microcellular structure and controlled product density is achieved by the accurate control of gas concentration in combination with the proper release of extrusion pressure. Aside from NorCell, this technology has also been applied to most plastic materials and processes.

According to Nordenia, the surfaces of the NorCell foils also enable unique foil haptics. Its application is wide-range, from textile-like "soft touch" structures to high-quality, smooth, directly printable surfaces. Moreover, these foils are suitable for use in foodstuffs, pet foods and hygiene products.

Mark Lindenfelzer, President of MuCell Extrusion said, “Nordenia is the latest example of how we can deliver a full turnkey package of innovative technology, application expertise and complete intellectual property rights to packaging suppliers around the world to bring their newest and most innovative packaging designs to market”, likewise adding that the technology has significantly reduced the weight of NorCell flexible packaging without altering the thickness and overall stiffness of the compound.


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