Teijin starts carbon fibre components plant for vehicles

Japanese carbon fibres and composites firm Teijin Limited is pioneering in carbon fibre reinforced thermoplastic (CFRTP) components plant and has begun its operation at its Matsuyama Factory in Ehine Prefecture, Japan.

According to Teijin, the plant will utilise their proprietary mass-production technology for CFRTP components, which significantly cuts cycle time for moulding composite products to a fraction of a minute, enabling speedy production of prototypes and performance evaluation tests, including complex-shaped moulded products and large components.

Aiming to step up collaboration with automotive makers worldwide, Teijin expects the new plant to realise this and at the same time, create markets for other applications. Continued developments are pushed through joint efforts with the Japan-based Teijin Composites Innovation Centre, Teijin’s R&D hub for carbon fibre composites business, and USA-based Teijin Composites Application Centre, a technical centre opened early this year.

Teijin’s conventional CFRTP is also being used in a Japanese sports car. Lexus LFA’s cabin is made up of 65% CFRTP, which accounts for its light weight compared to an aluminum cabin, yet still maintaining high rigidity. CFRTP will be used for the car’s other components, giving it considerable weight savings.


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