StackTeck implements servodrives for cleanroom moulds


Canadian firm StackTeck says it has successfully developed and implemented servo drives for two high cavity unscrewing moulds for clean room applications. This technology is said to enable a more effective arrangement of mould drive shafts, belts and pulleys while incorporating a sealed drive system.

Servo Driven Technology features:

  • Drive system is encapsulated and well suited to clean room moulding
  • Premium servo motor and control components from a global leader
  • Parts are available directly
  • Improved energy efficiency compared to a hydraulic rack and pinion system
  • Mould maintenance requirements are significantly less
  • Simple system with single pendant and 5 buttons to control – unscrewing speed is highly accurate, faster and is controllable
  • Compared to hydraulic unscrewing moulds, servo offers superior part ejection control and reduced cycle time

“Servo driven moulds bring benefits to customers who are looking for efficient unscrewing mould designs that are more compact and suitable for clean room moulding. Every customer I talk to is interested in the servo approach and considering that it’s available at a very modest premium, we expect it will become the new standard for the industry,” said Vince Travaglini, VP of Sales and Marketing at StackTeck.

“In one case, a single cavity prototype ran with conventional hydraulic technology with an unscrewing time of 1 second. However, when we ran the 16 cavity production mould the unscrewing time was reduced to 0.3 seconds – that’s more than 3 times faster!” stated Jordan Robertson, General Manager of Business Development and Marketing.


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