StackTeck enhances mould qualification capabilities

StackTeck enhances mould qualification capabilities

Canada’s StackTeck Systems, a manufacturer of multi-cavity, high-volume production moulds, says it has successfully navigated through a challenging year by adapting to new ways to serve customers, while providing them with everything needed for successful mold approvals.

“Our operations have continued running without interruption while accelerating deliveries and adopting the new protocols needed for international deliveries,” said Vince Travaglini, StackTeck’s President/CEO.

StackTeck has adapted to the new business environment of 2020 and has put together a comprehensive virtual mould testing capability package that includes three simultaneous live feeds of the mould running, part quality follow ups and a full data package that is delivered to the customer in real time.

It adds that it will continue to offer this service as the situation with the pandemic continues and furthermore, it will be now adopting this new way of doing business as an option for customers to have in the future even as travelling resumes.

Aura Colmenares, Development Manager from Phoenix Packaging Mexico stated:

“We had a series of our moulds virtually approved. Even though it was a new experience and project done virtually, the mould approvals were given in a very efficient way. The communication, the videos received, the meetings with StackTeck and the technical support were very good.”

StackTeck enhances mould qualification capabilities

Colmenares added, “With the pandemic still in place, we see no problem with continuing to work in this way and do mold approvals virtually. The big advantage is that we already know the way now, and we can certainly see a short and medium-term future to continue with testing and doing mould approvals virtually. Despite not having been present at StackTeck, we had all the necessary information to approve our moulds, we received plastic parts and this process allowed us to continue working virtually without problems.”

Meanwhile, StackTeck says it has continued to bring in new machines while enhancing virtual mould testing capabilities, with eight test machines that range from 100 to 750 tonnes that are ready for a variety of mould applications.


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