LS Mtron’s new MuCell machinery for foam moulding

South Korea’s LS Mtron Injection Molding Machines, a division of tech giant LS Corporation, has introduced a new line of injection moulding machines, each equipped with Trexel MuCell technology for foam moulding applications.

The new machines are as a result of LS Mtron, the largest manufacturer of injection moulding machines from South Korea, having signed an agreement with Trexel to license Trexel's MuCell technology in 2019.

The ONE MuCell product line of machines consists of ten models (from 500~3,300 tonnes), with features that will help moulders succeed with foam moulding for a wide variety of applications. Key features include the core back function, which stabilises and maximises the foaming rates of a product, and the servovalve, which allows for precise position control.

“MuCell is an outstanding technology that satisfies both light-weighting and quality of plastic products, and will contribute to customer productivity improvement and cost reduction," said Seung-Dong Park, head of LS Mtron’s Injection Research Centre. “We are pleased to now be introducing this new line of MuCell-capable moulding machines to the plastics industry.”

CTO Kyung-Nyung Woo, head of LS Mtron’s Technology Development Division, said, "Through this agreement with Trexel, we will cooperate not only for current micro cell technology but also for future nano cell technology development to continuously strengthen lightweight technology."

Features of the ONE MuCell machines are as follows:

LS Mtron’s new MuCell machinery for foam moulding

LS Mtron says it has a “one-stop solution” package for foam moulding in various applications, ranging from moulds and auxiliary equipment to complete turnkey machines.

It claims the turnkey packages will provide improved yield by offering customers the optimised conditions for foam moulding based on LS Mtron's know-how and experience.


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