Wittmann Battenfeld upgrades Airmould 4.0 internal gas pressure technology

Having been developing this technology for decades, Wittmann Battenfeld has upgraded its Airmould internal gas pressure technology to a more compact and user-friendly system.

Airmould technology is a process by which nitrogen is injected into a mould cavity either partly or completely filled with plastic melt to form an internal cavity structure. In this way, lightweight parts can be produced within a short cycle time and with high-quality surfaces, while also saving resources.

The upgraded Airmould 4.0 is said to be the only internal gas pressure system that functions without having a large control cabinet that takes up a lot of space on the production floor. The modules required are also about 15% smaller than previous versions; are compact and can be mounted and used flexibly on every type of injection moulding machine.

Airmould 4.0 pressure control modules

Another advantage of this system is that the technical expertise for the machine and the Airmould system both come from a single source. It adds that Airmould 4.0 can not only be integrated into the B8 control system of a machine for easier operation, but also into machines of other brands via the uniform operating panel of the Wittmann Group.

An Airmould customer is packaging maker Oberland MV that has been using the system for decades to produce almost 80% of its reusable boxes, with more than 120 modules from Wittmann Battenfeld. Weight reductions, component stability and minimisation of sink marks are important arguments in favour of this technology, it adds.

Wittmann Battenfeld says it looks forward to opening up further market potential with Airmould 4.0, especially under present production conditions, and to convincing users of the advantages of this internal gas pressure technology.


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