Expansions: LyondellBasell tech for Dongming Shenghai complex in China; Trelleborg opens first facility in Vietnam

LyondellBasell tech for Dongming Shenghai complex in China

Chemical firm LyondellBasell has announced that Dongming Shenghai Co. will use the LyondellBasell Spheripol, Hostalen Advanced Cascade Process (Hostalen ACP) and Lupotech T technologies for its new facility.

The process technology will be used for a 350 kilotonnes/year Spheripol PP plant, a 400 kilotonnes/year Hostalen ACP HDPE plant and a 200 kilotonnes/year Lupotech T vinyl acetate copolymer plant, to be built in Heze City, Shandong Province.

“We are delighted that Dongming Shenghai has awarded LyondellBasell these substantial licenses for the production of an extensive range of polyolefins,” said Neil Nadalin, Director of Licensing at LyondellBasell.

Nadalin added: “Dongming Shenghai’s technology selection will enable them to produce durable benchmark PP and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) products using the LyondellBasell Spheripol and Hostalen ACP low pressure processes and the Lupotech T vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA) process technology will enable them to be an active contributor to the global energy transition”.

Gao Zhi Qiang, General Manager of Dongming Shenghai said, “Working with the leading global licensor in polyolefin catalyst and process technology gives us additional confidence that the project will become a full success even in a complex market environment. In particular the focus on durable grades, the LYB extensive catalyst range , and the ability to produce EVA photovoltaic encapsulant materials, was a key process technology selection criteria for us”.

Spheripol technology is the leading polypropylene (PP) process technology with more than 33 million tons of licensed capacity. The latest fifth generation Spheripol technology includes process improvements that further maximize operational efficiency. The plant will commence operations using Avant ZN catalyst.

The Hostalen ACP process technology manufactures high performance, multi-modal HDPE resins with an industry-leading stiffness/toughness balance, impact resistance, high stress cracking resistance and process advantages used in pressure pipe, film and blow molding applications. The Hostalen ACP plant will commence operations using Avant Z501 and Avant Z509-1 catalysts to produce a full range of multi-modal HDPE products.

Decades of experience in high-pressure application design makes the Lupotech T process the preferred technology for LDPE/EVA plant operators. High conversion rates, demonstrated high plant availability and effective process heat integration are key attributes of the Lupotech T process, designed to ensure this technology’s energy efficiency. More than 15 million KTA of the Lupotech T process for LDPE/EVA production capacity has been licensed by LyondellBasell in over 70 lines around the world.

Trelleborg opens first facility in Vietnam

In other news, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions has started production at its first ever manufacturing facility in Vietnam, an advanced 8,000 sq m facility strategically located in Long Thanh.

It produces O-Rings and custom-designed engineered moulded components in a wide range of elastomer materials using the latest compression and injection moulding technology and plate heat exchanger gaskets.

Gordon Micallef, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Operations Business Unit President, says: “The new Long Thanh facility is a key part of our strategy to increase our manufacturing footprint in Asia and expand our capabilities and product offerings in the region. The new facility focuses on servicing automotive and industrial markets for both the fast-growing market in Vietnam and the wider Asian region, as well as Europe and North America. It enhances our support to customers in the region who are increasingly seeking local suppliers to increase supply chain security and sustainability.”

Long Thanh is Trelleborg Sealing Solutions’ first manufacturing capacity in Vietnam, joining the existing Customer Solution Centre (CSC) which supports local requirements from offices in Ho Chi Minh city.

Applying Trelleborg’s “local presence, global reach” principles, the enhanced presence in Vietnam means customers will increasingly benefit from the strength and capabilities of a global leader based nearby.

Process workflows and equipment layouts are specifically designed to optimise flow and minimise travel distance, it adds. Particular care has been taken to maintain high product integrity and quality in every aspect of production. Manufacturing processes are standardised to ensure high service levels, and investment in automated final inspection guarantees quality standards for customers, according to Trelleborg.

In terms of sustainability, insulation enables temperature control inside the facility, reducing the electricity required for cooling, and 835 kW/month of renewable energy is generated by an array of solar panels.

Wastewater created during production is treated before disposal and dedicated equipment filters process fumes before extraction to the atmosphere. Reusable containers are employed internally and by our partner rubber suppliers, and the use of plastic bags to transport parts between processes is minimised.

The facility is in Dong Nai province, strategically located in southern Vietnam close to Ho Chi Minh City and major ports, with easy access to domestic and international markets.


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