Engel’s 5,000th machine goes to Malaysia

Austrian injection machine maker Engel’s facility in South Korea has reached a milestone having made 5,000 injection moulding machines since being established in 2001. The so-called milestone machine is the firm’s Victory with ecodrive, which was delivered at the beginning of 2014 to Flextronics in Malaysia.

Engel says it is the only European injection moulding machine manufacturer with two production plants in Asia. The plant for injection moulding machines in the small and medium clamping force segment is located in Pyungtaek City (South Korea), while large-scale machines for the Asian markets are built in Shanghai (China). The assembly capacity at the two locations has been substantially increased in the past two years. With this, it says local customers benefit from flexible alterations to their machines and system solutions for their specific requirements, as well as from short delivery times.

Attesting to Engel’s service is Gerhard Zebe, President of Global Operations Mechanicals at Flextronics, based in Zhuhai, South China, who says that with project running times constantly getting shorter, Engel is able to adhere to the delivery times and individual equipment requests in Asia.

Flextronics is a leading end to end supply chain solutions company that employs a staff of 200,000 in more than 30 countries. Engel has thus far delivered nearly 400 injection moulding machines and integrated manufacturing cells with automation and process technology to the group.

Its tie-bar-less technology makes the victory a preferred machine type. "Tie-bar-less technology helps to keep floor space for our manufacturing cells to a minimum," says Zebe. The latest delivered Victory machines are equipped with the ecodrive energy-saving option, just like the new "milestone" machine.


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