Ju Teng invests in largest composites facility in China

Taiwanese provider of 3C (computers, communication and electronic) devices, Ju Teng, has just opened the largest composite factory in the world to produce smartphone and tactile tablet covers. Ju Teng has already manufactured over 1 million smartphone parts in the last quarter of 2013 and its aim is to increase production rates to 1 million parts/month.

To do this, the facility is equipped with RocTool’s rapid moulding technologies and it has invested in 100 assembly lines to increase production rates and therefore, to have the largest production capacity in the world.

“RocTool technologies allow mass production to interested parties such as Ju Teng, whose objective is to meet the growing demand for quality electronic parts, designed with innovative materials. At present on the world scale, it represents the largest production of composite parts,” stated Alexandre Guichard, RocTool’s CEO.

The parts are manufactured using composite materials with thermoplastic resins and reinforced with fibre glass, carbon fibre or other supports. The composite mechanical characteristics adapted to impact resistance can allow producing of parts less than 0.5 mm thick.

RocTool’s technology heat the moulds by induction in seconds, which is said to reduce production time and allows the production of composite parts with optimum surface quality.

The Taiwanese group has invested more than US$10 million in China to construct a building that can house more than a 100 RocTool production lines, as well as machines for cutting and finalising of the parts. Ju Teng has developed significant production capacity in China and this partnership is targeting new markets for prestigious brands on the high volume mass production systems.

To meet the demand of their Asian customers, the France-headquartered RocTool has in turn, created a subsidiary in Taiwan and invested in a development centre in Taichung equipped for rapid prototyping and technical customer support.

With more than 30% of the market share in the global notebook casing market, Ju Teng is one of the world leaders for consumer electronics. Ju Teng works with some of the most prestigious brands in consumer electronics and it has developed new production processes for the 3C products to meet customer requirements for high quality electronic parts: shiny and /or matte, strength, soft touch and innovative materials.

RocTool designs, develops and markets processes for fast moulding of composites, plastics injection and very soon metal. It generates new industrial applications for the electronics, automotive, and cosmetic markets. RocTool currently has 80 patents, and 40 Licensees, the majority being manufacturers of electronics, as currently 60% of the company’s sales figures are generated from this industry. RocTool is listed on NYSE Alternext in Paris. The company opened two subsidiaries in the US and Taiwan and boasts test & demonstration platforms in Germany and Japan.


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