Miniature hydraulics and fast colour change concepts for hot runners

Global hot runner supplier Incoe Corporation has introduced new miniature HEM hydraulic systems, which feature the same performance as much larger cylinders, but allow for tighter pitch spacing in a compact design.

Shown at the Euromold 2013 show in Frankfurt, Germany, last year, HEM is said to offer proven performance with a compact footprint approx. 50% less when compared to conventional hydraulic cylinders. The design maintains all of the performance characteristics of much larger, bulky products.

HEM offers new opportunities for a variety of applications. For multi-cavity moulds, the mould maker can now increase cavities, allowing processors to produce more parts without the need for increased machine size. The HEM hydraulic cylinders can be used in applications that were once confined to smaller, less powerful pneumatic cylinders, and increase valve gate performance.

In the automotive area, frequently large moulded parts, such as door trim panels require large hot runner systems custom designed to the geometry of the unique moulded part produced. Where needed, the designer can now realise injection points that are situated very close together. The latitude for selection of the injection points is broader overall, and this facilitates the positioning of slides and ejectors. The smaller milling areas strengthen tool stability for repeatable moulding of parts.

Other new products from Incoe include the VIX nozzle tips offer, said to offer "quick colour change" with optimised channel geometry in the nozzle tip. Simplification of the tip design eliminates all of the "joints" on the surface of the channel where material can be negatively impacted.

Meanwhile, the SoftGate valve pin velocity control for hydraulic valve gate systems was introduced to the European market at K2010, and then North America at NPE2012. With numerous applications running, the SoftGate solution is now part of the Incoe hot runner product programme worldwide. The system has not only proven successful in the field, but has also helped to develop new areas of applications for a variety of injection moulding processes.

SoftGate valve pin velocity control systems resolve issues related to conventional hydraulic sequential moulding. Issues such as poor flow characteristics leading to undesirable part aesthetic "ghost marks" and/ or gate blemish, are significantly reduced with SoftGate. The key advantage for moulders is in the gradual pin actuation, precisely timed as needed for optimised melt flow.


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