RocTool licences tooling for Volvo

French company RocTool, specialist in the design and development of technologies for rapid moulding of composite and injection moulding, announced that it has signed a license agreement with Volvo Cars, the Swedish premium automobile manufacturer headquartered in Gothenburg.

The agreement focuses on the manufacturing of the IntelliSafe body part in the back of the central rear-mirror that contains the system’s radar.

After a successful development, RocTool 3iTech allows a perfect replication of the microstructure of the mould steel for the production of the part.

Applied on the inside of the part, the RocTool says its technology brings significant changes to the optical properties of the surface of the plastic, preventing the rising sun lights that enter inside the part to blind the radar. It also says that as of today no other technology is able to obtain such optical properties on a one-shot manufacturing without additional operations (e.g. painting).

The part will be released first on the all-new XC90 from Volvo, which is in the process of rebranding itself, and the first step in that process will be in the form of the 2016 XC90.

XC90 has been around since 2002, and will be reintroduced with a makeover in 2016 .

Stéphane Hersen, RocTool General Manager said, RocTool is glad to bring its technology to a leading automobile manufacturer that is Volvo with real added-value to Volvo cars. We are confident that this is the first step towards a long and fruitful cooperation between our companies.


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