Athena/Sipa end agreement


The agreement between Canadian injection moulding machine maker Athena Automation and Italy’s blow moulding machine maker Sipa, entered into in December 2012, has now expired.

Under the agreement, Sipa partnered with Athena Automation, a company founded by ex-Husky (Canadian injection moulding machine maker) owner Robert Schad, to use synergies between the two firms to build product lines and a service organisation. The agreement was to build a line of automated PET injection moulding and blow moulding machines. Sipa was also to make all the preform moulds for Athena machines. http://www.plasticsandrubberasia.com/dec2012/machinery6.html

Athena now says it will support Sipa in shipping and servicing the remaining “Athena for Sipa” machine inventory. Athena will also take over the sales of its PET preform moulding machines, alongside its non-PET machines.

“As far as moulds are concerned, we’re not forming an alliance with a specific mould maker – we will let customers choose the mould maker they want to use with the post-mould cooling and quick mould-change technologies from Athena. We expect that our PET machines will have a substantially lower cost of ownership than comparable machines,” said Robert Schad, President of Athena.

Athena currently builds 150, 300, and 450-tonne injection moulding machines. A new 14,400 sq m plant for just-in-time manufacturing of machines only is in the early start-up phase. The existing 3,700 sq m building will remain as head office and will include Sales and Customer Services.

The press release said that the “simple and flexible machine platform features energy efficiency, process repeatability, and reduced space requirements. It is built for customisation with options such as an integrated hot runner controller, stack mould carrier, multi-material injection, in-mould assembly, rotary table, cube, and integrated robot.”


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