Husky takes on India’s PET beverage market

Husky takes on India’s PET beverage market

Canadian supplier of injection moulding equipment and services Husky Injection Molding Systems has witnessed encouraging growth in the Indian beverage market over the last seven to eight years, said Dinesh Budapanahalli, Vice-President, South Asia, Hot Runners & Controllers.

Speaking at the Plastindia 2018 show recently in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, Dinesh pointed out that the company had a large market share in India’s PET beverage packaging market since it set up its facility in 2012.

He said, “Husky first established a presence in Delhi and Mumbai to serve local customers, which led to an expanded customer base and increased business in the region. With the tooling market growing in India and per capita use of plastic products on the rise, Husky further expanded in 2012 with the opening of a 5,000 sq m manufacturing facility in Chennai.”

More recently, to deliver faster time-to-market to customers, Husky established local hot runner manufacturing, as well as a dedicated application and service team in Chennai. “We have added on more equipment and personnel,” said Dinesh, adding that this has allowed the company to better serve customers locally, also supplying equipment to SAARC and Southeast Asia.

“From a hot runners perspective, we see South Asia as an emerging market, which is now moving into barrier technology,” he added.

To meet the demand for barrier technology, Husky was promoting its breakthrough multi-layer technology, which was launched at the K show in 2016 and allows for differentiation of packaging in the PET market.

Since its introduction in 2016, Dave Morton, Husky’s Vice President, Barrier Solutions, says the company has sold 30 multi-layer systems around the world. “We are pleased with the adoption across a wide base from CSD, juices, sparkling water, cold tea, beer and UHT milk to food and personal care.”

According to Morton, Husky has been at the forefront of PET packaging for more than 30 years and using this as a platform, the technology was developed further with a multi-layer barrier hot runner, which uses a co-injection solution with an advanced melt delivery system and enhanced controls to precisely distribute the barrier material.

The technology is built on the company’s HyPET HPP5 platform, combining the benefits of what is said to be a high performing and easy-to-maintain system with the capability to precisely dose the barrier layer. In addition, the technology supports recyclability by reducing the amount of barrier material required, as well as demonstrating the potential to integrate new recyclable barrier materials into PET packaging.

“The technology is built on the need to cater to different trends for small and different-shaped packaging sizes that are more economical, as well as to provide more protection for CO2 and oxygen,” explained Morton.

With the short lifecycle for small packaging, Morton also said the focus is on higher accuracy and output. “The previous co-injection systems in the market were complex and not so reliable so cost was too high. Now, Husky offers the best combination of longer shelf life and lower cost,” said Morton.

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