Frimo/Hennecke in PU tie-up for auto sector

Frimo/Hennecke in PU tie-up for auto sector

Germany-based foam tooling and turnkey solutions provider Frimo Group and German polyurethane (PU) machinery maker Hennecke Group have formed a strategic partnership in the PU sector to offer customers expertise and individual solutions for automotive applications.

Frimo, with headquarters in Lotte, and Hennecke, with headquarters in Sankt Augustin, are partnering for the products and systems associated with the production of passenger cars. PU applications for commercial vehicles, motorcycles and agricultural vehicles often involve highly specialised technical solutions which are very different to the passenger car line of business in terms of production volume and the level of specialisation of the systems technology. Such projects will continue to be managed by the respective companies.

The core segments of the partnership include the product areas moulded foam processing, elastomer processing, lightweight composites and PUR-CSM technology for PU spray applications as well as flood injection for structural and decorative components. Frimo is contributing its systems technology in the areas of moulded foam, elastomers and composites. And Hennecke is providing its metering and mixhead technology, as well as all other systems for handling the raw materials - storage, transportation, preparation and processing for the automotive sector.

Within the partnership, Frimo says it will also cease production of metering and mixhead technology completely and will instead concentrate on the areas of tooling technology, systems technology and periphery equipment as well as the associated services. It will rely on Hennecke's metering and mixhead technology.

In future, all parts for handling the raw materials will be manufactured and supplied exclusively by Hennecke in all markets.

In future, Frimo will be responsible for the sales of Hennecke products from the partnership, for new systems as well as for the entire service area. As a PU specialist, Hennecke says it will focus on its core competences in high and low pressure metering in the form of individual metering machines outside of the automotive sector, as well as systems technology in the production of refrigeration units, slabstock products and sandwich panels.

"The synergies from the partnership provide absolute added value for our customers in the automotive industry," says Dr. Christof Bönsch, CEO of Frimo. "Under the partnership we are uniting the core competences of two companies who complement each other perfectly in terms of strategy and operation," continues Bönsch.

Bönsch also adds that a further benefit is the unified customer interface, ranging from tooling to plant automation up to process technology. By focusing on their core competencies, the two companies complement each other perfectly, he added.

"Automotive Alliance" offers efficient and innovative system solutions Thomas Wildt, CEO of Hennecke, sums up the goal of the partnership: "In the future we want to be even more striking and innovative, offering our customers efficient and competitive solutions under the label "Automotive Alliance". "Our target course is clearly focused on the growth of both companies and this means new perspectives for our customers as well as for our staff," continues Wildt.

Frimo has around 1,400 employees at 15 production and sales sites in Europe, Asia and America.


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