High temperature nylon for air ducts

Dutch materials supplier DSM says air ducts made using its Stanyl Diablo OCD 2305 BM are lighter than current solutions in metal or PPS and can handle continuous temperature up to 230°C. DSM says the special heat stabilised blow moulding grade of Stanyl polyamide 4.6, developed specifically for hot charge air ducts, is the first high temperature polyamide suitable for processing by extrusionblow moulding and with a significant cost benefit compared to PPS, thanks to its lower weight and scrap rate.

The lower density of the Stanyl grade is said to reduce part weight by 7% compared to PPS and is also regarded as an alternative to metal. The material was developed to meet the needs of the automotive market, where new EU legislation has set stringent emission reduction targets for 2015. This has led to a trend in smaller vehicles with downsized engines that require new part designs. However, air ducts, either in metal or injection moulded in plastic, do not offer the design flexibility needed to fit complex under-the-hood geometries. This requires the next generation of hot charge air ducts created using blow moulding.


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