Toyo to make plastic auto parts in Thailand

Japanese firm Toyo Tire & Rubber will begin manufacturing plastic CV joint boots in Thailand from April 2014, with an aim of global growth and expansion of the company’s automotive components business in its Diver-Tech Business Segment.

With the rapid expansion of the automotive market in Asia, car makers are ramping up production in the region, and production volume is expected to continue increasing, particularly in Thailand. At the same time, in order to boost their price competitiveness in this market, car manufacturers are also aggressively implementing a policy of procuring parts locally.

Against the backdrop of this business environment, Toyo Tires has already planned to begin sales of anti-vibration rubber for vehicles at Toyo Rubber Chemical Products (Thailand), which was established in December 2011. Now the company has decided to begin manufacturing and supply of high-performance plastic CV joint boots used for automotive drive shaft joints.

A CV joint boot is an automobile component that is mounted on the joint section of the drive shaft, which delivers the car’s engine power to the wheels. Its function is to keep lubricating oil sealed within the joint and to maintain the performance of the CV joint while preventing intrusion of unwanted elements like mud and rocks from the outside. This component must be lightweight, compact, and highly durable. Toyo Tires will supply high-performance plastic CV joint boots that achieve these requirements by utilising its material development technology and proprietary plastic CV joint boot analysis technology.

The firm established bolstering of global development of its Diver-Tech Business Segment as a strategy in its 2011 Mid-term Business Plan, thus developing the new business as a third hub of business operations following Japan and North America and now in Thailand. In order to achieve this goal, the company will further boost its capital investment and establish a 2,100 sq m facility for plastic CV joint boots in Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate.


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