Two-piece roof with a low weight

German machinery maker KraussMaffei has delivered what it says is the world’s largest long fibre injection system to US-based Romeo RIM for manufacturing a two-piece roof made of PU for agricultural machinery. The longlasting paint surface is fully automatically produced directly in the mould using IMP (In-Mould Painting).

With dimensions of 2.5 x 2.1 m and an area of over 5 sq m, the complete two-piece roof weighs less than 23 kg. Another contribution is the option for functional integration on the rear side, where the dome and ribs are attached.

At the centre of the system is the largest mould carrier built by KraussMaffei to date, with a mould clamping area of 3660 x 3660 mm on the moulds with weights of up to 40 US tons. The mould carrier with the dimensions 22 x 9.5 x 5 m and a clamping force of 400 tonnes is equipped with a “two-shuttle system,” which brings two bottom parts of the mould into the mould clamping unit in alternation.

While the long fibre injection process and the reaction time are running in one mould, the second mould can be de-moulded and be prepared for the new process. The mould carrier is equipped with a hydraulic four-axis parallelism control, which also ensures parallel closing of the moulds for asymmetric components or offcentre mould clamping. It will also be able to produce larger exterior body panels for the agricultural and heavy truck markets, said the firm.


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