Arburg’s machinery for the packaging sector

German machinery maker Arburg says its new “Packaging” versions of the electric and hybrid Allrounder Alldrive (A) and Hidrive (H) machines have been adapted to suit packaging needs, with the distance between tie bars - clamping force - opening stroke adapted and energy savings of up to 30% possible.

The machine offerings include 180-tonne Allrounders 570 A and H; 230-tonne Allrounders 630 A and H; 290-tonne Allrounders 720 A and H; 370-tonne Allrounders 820 A and H and 460-tonne Allrounders 920 A and H.

Also up to four injection units are available for each machine. Servo-electric dosage drives ensure fast operation across cycles, short dosage times and maximum productivity. The use of barrier screws ensures homogeneous melt preparation and a high material throughput. Injection involves either servo-electric or hydraulic accumulator technology via positionregulated screws. With an appropriately dynamic filling process, active acceleration and deceleration is achieved. Together with higher injection speeds of up to 500 mm/s, this enables the short injection times, which are required in the packaging sector. If production sequences need further optimisation, injection can be started simultaneously with the “mould closing” movement as standard, to reduce cycle times.

For the production of thinwall items and screw caps, special features are available: for connecting an external in-mould labelling system or other removal system. In addition, the extension of the robotic system interface enables the robot to advance as the mould opens, thus reducing cycle times. In screw cap production, a servo-electric ejector with hydraulic booster function, with an increased ejection force of 25 tonnes, is available. This ensures problem-free demoulding even in the case of shrunkon closures.

Further control functions are also integrated, such as “startup parameters/start-up cycles”. This Selogica function facilitates a controlled start of production, particularly with high-speed applications.


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