Ibn Sina POM facility starts up


Speciality materials company Celanese Corporation’s Ibn Sina joint venture with Riyadh-headquartered Sabic and its construction of a 50,000-tonne polyacetal (POM) manufacturing facility in Jubail Industrial City, Saudi Arabia, has started up.

Celanese says that the facility has completed performance runs for all polyacetal grades and achieved full production rates resulting in the successful start-up of the plant; therefore, the facility has been officially declared commercially operational. As previously announced, upon successful start-up of the polyacetal facility, Celanese’s economic interest in Ibn Sina will increase from 25% to a total of 32.5%, providing further financial benefits for Celanese.

Ibn Sina is a joint venture between Sabic and CTE, a company jointly owned by subsidiaries of Celanese and Duke Energy. Celanese, Sabic and Duke Energy entered into the Ibn Sina joint venture in 1981. Construction of the polyacetal facility is part of an extension of the Ibn Sina joint venture. Subsidiaries of Celanese and Duke Energy each currently hold a 25% ownership interest in the joint venture, with the remaining 50% held by Sabic.

The polyacetal facility will utilise methanol as feedstock, which is produced internally at Ibn Sina.

Polyacetal is a differentiated, high value-added product mainly used in automobile and electronics industries in addition to mechanical and construction manufacturers and other industrial applications.


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