Stackteck sets up operations in South Korea

Stackteck sets up operations

Canadian mould maker StackTeck Systems has set up its first mouldmaking plant outside of North America, in South Kora. The mouldmaking facility began as a subsidiary of its parent company in 2010 with a focus on building moulds for PET preforms, medical, and packaging applications. This business will now be called StackTeck Asia. StackTeck’s parent company is a family-owned global investment group that holds a wide range of interests, including many equipment suppliers for the plastics industry.

StackTeck Systems based in Canada will serve its existing customer base, now with additional service support available from StackTeck Asia. According to StackTeck’s President/CEO, Vince Travaglini, “We’re very excited to add this presence in Asia, to be able to better support our customers overseas, and to expand our range of applications.”

John Yu, the Senior Board Director for StackTeck, elaborates: “The product range and technical abilities of StackTeck Asia are very well suited to support StackTeck’s business in the region. Combining efforts of these two businesses will bring many synergies, as there is significant overlap in market applications. StackTeck Asia is particularly strong in moulds for PET preforms, packaging, and medical.”

For customer service outside of North America and Asia, StackTeck has existing contract service providers based in Australia, Italy, and Latin America so that technician support and mould modifications can be provided based within each continent.

According to Jordan Robertson, StackTeck’s Vice President of Business Development and Marketing, “The collaborative approach that is integral to our culture, has led naturally to working closely with specialized shops outside of North America in order to serve our customers’ needs.”

For PET preform moulds, Rick Unterlander is taking on a new role as General Manager focused on PET preform projects in the Americas, and will act as liaison to StackTeck Asia, working in partnership with machine suppliers.

Over 100 PET preform moulds have been built to date, including a significant number of high cavity moulds running in Japan. In addition, prototyping services, automation, and advanced post mould cooling systems are available.

These PET preform moulds are offered with innovative hot runner technology using an advanced design that enables reduced pressure drop, improved balance, and lower AA levels than conventional designs. Custom designed moulds are available to suit any existing machine/automation configuration.

StackTeck Asia currently has 3 PET machines for mould qualifications, and there is a 150T PET pilot cell located in Canada.


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