TPEs: Cutting back on emissions in vehicle interiors

TPEs: Cutting back on emissions in vehicle

With studies pointing to higher levels of air pollutant inside vehicles than out on the roads, these fine airborne particulate matter and material emissions can result in adverse health impacts, ranging from respiratory ailments to cardiovascular conditions.

Vehicle Interior Air Quality (VIAQ) studies have found that plastics and rubbers used in vehicle interior components release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and semi-volatile organic compounds (SVOCs). That said, regulatory bodies are exerting more effort to develop harmonized methods of testing volatile substance emissions and evaluating indoor air quality in vehicles. This has required auto makers to comply with differing guidelines and testing procedures frameworks for VIAQ adopted in several countries in Asia, the US and Europe.

Thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs), as the widely used materials for automotive applications meet the low-odour requirement of the industry. Germany-based KRAIBURG TPE says it offers a high performance TPE range, such as its recently launched FG/SF Thermolast K series, which features low emission, low-odour and UV-resistance compounds that are easy to process.

  OEM Market Specifications (General) KRAIBURG TPE Interior TPE Materials
Odour VDA 270 <= 3 3
VOC VDA 278 500µg/g 260 µg/g
SVOC VDA 278 2000µg/g 915 µg/g

Moreover, TPEs possess properties such as good weathering, oil, grease, and abrasion-resistance; fast, cost- effective processing; vibration-damping; and excellent adhesion markers. TPEs are used in vehicle interior applications such as control elements, anti-slip mats, window trims, cowl panels, spoilers, seals, air duct component, and many more.

KRAIBURG TPE says that in innovating materials that satisfy market criteria on VOCs and SVOCs, it measures its success by customer satisfaction through a unique quality concept that takes people, processes and products into account, centred on exceptional, high quality and custom- engineered compounds.

“Exceptional, high-quality, and custom-engineered compounds are our foundation. To support our customers in every way, we offer much more by way of technical expertise, individual advisory, and one-of-a-kind customer service,” adds the TPE maker.


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