New Moldex3D software tackles critical moulding issues

Taiwan’s CoreTech System (Moldex3D), innovator of True 3D CAE simulation solutions, has announced the release of Moldex3D R13.0. The software has plastic validation and optimisation applications for industrial design and manufacturing, with customer-driven improvements on functionality, workflow, computing efficiency and user experience. Targeted at part designers and mould makers, it allows for optimisation in the injection moulding process, allowing for products in form, fit and function, reducing costs, and shortening time-to-market, says CoreTech.

“Quality and cost are two of the most significant success factors in product development and manufacturing. In addition to conventional plastic applications in the industries, the emerging market demands also require quick response manufacturing. The release of Moldex3D R13.0 has emphasised back-to-basics problem analysis and troubleshooting capabilities. This is helping our customers tackle critical moulding issues to reach optimal production efficiency. Quality assurance and cost management that can be achieved effectively in a short time period,” said Dr. Venny Yang, President of CoreTech System.

Building upon the capabilities of past releases and improving innovation for performance and functionality, the software offers the following benefits and enhancements:

  • Rapid Modelling and Meshing
    Improved user friendliness for pre-processing work and a wide variety of powerful tools to help from geometric modelling to meshing.

  • Heat and Cool Management
    Simulate melt front behaviour and visualise thermal variations in heating and cooling processes. Improve heating transfer and cooling efficiency to enhance part quality and shorten cycle time.

  • Enhanced Plastic Applications to Meet Market Demands
    Expands the troubleshooting capabilities in injection moulding simulations. Allows users to obtain more accurate visualisations of the moulding results. This gives users the ability to predict and eliminate potential manufacturing defects much more effectively.

  • User Interface Optimisation in Post-processing
    Provides an overall better user experience and improves the efficiency of simulation and validation. Makes it more intuitive and more convenient to setup process conditions and visualise analysis results

  • Comprehensive Material Databank
    Supports more than 6,500 thermoplastic and thermoset materials to enhance simulation accuracy. Uses the built-in filter to quickly select property-identified materials and evaluate the properties for use in injection moulding simulation.

  • Improved Model Surface Rendering Kernel Efficiency
    Enhances the model surface rendering kernel and boosts the rendering efficiency for graphic performance by 2 to 5 times, which leads to better and smoother model displays.


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