Husky’s 5-year warranty programme for Altanium


Canadian machinery maker Husky Injection Molding Systems has updated its Altanium hot runner controller warranty programme. Effective immediately, all new Altanium H-series controllers are covered by a five-year warranty that includes the interface, H-series control cards and mainframe.

“At Husky we stand behind our products and the strong value they offer to our customers,” said Stefano Mirti, President of Husky’s Hot Runners and Controllers business. “Our Altanium controllers offer industry-leading temperature control, ease of use and an unprecedented level of process safety. We are so confident about the quality of our product that we can offer a warranty that delivers the most complete controller coverage in the industry.”

This Altanium warranty covers any new controller that contains H-series or HL-series control cards. This programme covers new Altanium Neo2, Delta3 and Matrix2 controllers and is the only five-year warranty that includes the operator interface (Neo2, Delta3 and Matrix2).

Altanium controllers deliver results in demanding moulding environments. Altanium H-series control cards are said to be the most advanced control cards in the industry with an improved measurement and control accuracy, offering substantial benefits:

  • Improved measurement and control accuracy which exceeds the previous generation industry-leading Altanium controllers
  • Compact design, which saves valuable floor space
  • Industry-leading warranty coverage for five years
  • Best-in-class troubleshooting and fault mitigation capabilities
  • Detects a wide range of fault conditions by measuring both line and earth leakage current
  • Detects a short and stops power output before the fuse clears, using the fast acting short circuit detection function


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