Renolits starts recyclable sheet output in India, caters to Tier 1 auto makers

Renolits starts recyclable sheet output in India

Renolit Gor, a subsidiary of Renolit Composites, has responded to growing global demand for its Tecnogor product by adding a new production line to its plant in Pune, India. It is the company’s first facility outside of Europe able to produce Tecnogor thermoformable sheets and rolls, along with other lightweight, 100% recyclable, sustainable products in the composites material range.

A key feature of the new production line design is the inclusion of Renolit’s patented extrusion processing technology for manufacturing 100% recyclable Tecnogor glass fibre-reinforced, PP based, lightweight thermoplastic composite material. As such, 3D trim parts can be thermoformed in a high productivity, glue free, one-step-process, which reduces production costs, says the German firm.

The material also features stiffness and impact performance. The patented fibre embedding extrusion technique also makes the sheet a clean, safe material to use on the shop floor and handle post moulding, according to Renolit. “This is because all the glass fibres are completely encapsulated in the PP polymer matrix during extrusion, so there are no free floating fibres in the air during lay up or exposed on the moulded part surface. This will be a major safety benefit to customers in the Indian market, which currently mainly uses glass fibre mats to produce composite moulded parts,” it adds.

The new line can not only produce Tecnogor but also Deep-Stock, Flexigor plus Wood-Stock, which was the only Renolit product manufactured in India until now.

The composites products now being produced in India are primarily aimed at Tier 1 thermoformers supplying automotive OEMs in India and Asia Pacific, for a variety of thermoformed, custom coated, vehicle interior 3D trim parts including parcel shelves, load floors, seat back covers, dashboard inserts and trunk trims.


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