Stackteck boosts capacity with new machinery

Tooling solutions provider for the injection moulding industry StackTeck has made investments to add equipment to increase capacity and improve lead times further. The Canadian firm says it has doubled its hard milling capacity in the last three years, with high speed specialised machines that are capable of reaching up to 42,000 RPM spindle speed. A recent acquisition for its plate machining line includes what it says are the largest machines in North America with grinding capacity of 1x2 m. In its test facilities, it has recently added a new Netstal ELION 4200.

Lou Dimaulo, StackTeck’s Vice President Operations stated: “We’re delighted to see our customers are responding to the ever increasing range of products and services that we are offering to the industry. We have been fortunate to grow with our customers and have been awarded several multi-mould programs.”

StackTeck has also added a weekend shift to the operations staff as a strategy to avoid lead time increases while order intake has been climbing.

“This year we are taking continuous improvement to a higher level with a new organisation that enhances our ability to optimise our business processes. We are taking advantage of the latest available technology to achieve new standards in precision and productivity,” said Randy Yakimishyn, President/CEO of StackTeck.


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