Engel introduces rubber machine for gaskets

O-rings and flat gaskets are central to the reliability and safety of many different applications. Moreover, standard mass-market products in particular are subject to exceptionally high pressure on pricing. These products can only be produced competitively with highly precise, reliable and efficient manufacturing technology. In order to provide even better support for its customers in this area, Austrian machine maker Engel has developed a new injection moulding machine for the processing of all common rubber compounds and other elastomer materials.

The new flexseal 300 T horizontal machine with a clamping force of 300 tonnes has been designed specifically for the needs of international O-ring and flat gasket manufacturers and sets new standards for the industry with its features, says Engel. Particular attention was given to the machine size during development, because the machine footprint is growing in importance as an efficiency factor and has already become a decisive criterion for choosing new production equipment. Thus the new machine is significantly shorter than other injection moulding machines for elastomer processing in this high clamping force class, and with its heating plates sized 550 by 650 mm still provides more room for the mould, for automation, and for accessing the machine nozzle.

The hydraulic tie-bar machine is equipped with a screw injection unit that ensures very high precision for production with small and mid-sized shot volumes. The plasticising units for rubber, solid silicone, LSR and TPE can be exchanged very easily. Each injection unit is available in two cylinder diameters with up to 2400 bar injection pressure. In addition, numerous options are available such as custom-sized heating plates or a greater distance between plates.

Standardised interfaces are available for the integration of conventional brush and part removal modules as well as other automation features and peripherals. The peripheral systems can be operated comfortably via the CC300 control unit of the injection moulding machine.

As a standard, the flexseal 300 T comes equipped with Engel’s servo-hydraulic ecodrive. This helps reduce the energy consumption of the machine significantly because the heating phases in the production of O-rings and flat gaskets are often long.


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