DuPont to increase PA capacity in the US; auto and electronics target sectors

DuPont Performance Polymers is increasing production of its fast-growing Zytel HTN PPA manufactured at its Richmond, VA, facility in the US by 10% to meet growing global market demand in automotive and consumer electronics markets. Richmond, which uses a continuous polymerisation process, is the largest Zytel HTN production facility in DuPont.

DuPont, which focuses on the engineering polymers market with a full range of PA66, PA6, PPA and speciality nylon offerings, is not disclosing expansion details, but says this as the first in a series of global expansion plans.

“Zytel HTN PPA fills a valuable need because it bridges the performance gap between nylon and speciality polymers while maintaining ease of processing,” said Brian Fish, DuPont Performance Polymers global business manager - high performance polyamides. “This allows component designers to replace more metal for lighter weight components or to replace other materials to deliver lower overall system costs.”

The PPA is often used by the automotive industry to make engine cooling components, such as thermostat housings and water pumps, and to make powertrain components, such as charged air coolers, transmission housings, engine oil systems, brake systems, ignition systems and motors. In electrical and electronics, it is often used to make lead-free SMT (surface mount technology) and traditional connectors, high voltage insulators and structural components for handheld devices.

“Demand is growing in the automotive industry because Zytel HTN PPA can stand up to long-term exposure in aggressive temperature and chemical environments that stretch the performance capabilities of standard nylon 66,” said Fish. “In the electronics and hand-held device market, Zytel HTN is a go-to resin because of its performance, dimensional stability and its ability to withstand lead-free soldering environments.”

This year also marks the 20th anniversary of when DuPont introduced Zytel HTN. The portfolio now consists of six different families targeted to deliver specific benefits. “We plan to continue to extend and expand the portfolio of HTN resins by working with our customers to create new solutions for ever-more challenging applications and environments,” said Fish.


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