RocTool nurtures growth in the metal moulding market

After 10 years of intensive R&D and nearly US$20 million of investment, France headquartered RocTool has begun selling its moulding processes under license and has tripled its turnover in a span of two years, from US$2 million in 2010 to more than US$6 million in 2012.

This year, the company has opened two subsidiaries in the US and in Taiwan, adapting its Heat & Cool technologies to moulding metal for plastic and composite injection moulding.

“These two new subsidiaries are necessary as we have decided to move the company up to a new level, “ said CEO Alexandre Guichard, further explaining that the company is consolidating its position in the plastic injection and composites sectors and capturing the metal moulding market through such move.

“The objective is to be present regardless of the material being used. This is the reason behind why the company is finalising a major investment for its further development. We are also contemplating another introduction to the stock market, or transfer to a stock market more suitable to our new ambitions” he said.


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