Negri Bossi on fresh start; to build new facility in India

Fresh from its split from Sacmi, Negri Bossi Group displayed a brand new image at the Plast show in Milan, Italy, recently, with the Sacmi name missing from the Negri Bossi branding. Also new is the management team led by Craig Ward who was quick to point out that the “old” support/sales team is still in place. “Yes definitely there will be management changes but Negri Bossi is a stable company and in reality it would be folly to change something that works,” said Ward.

What has changed fully is the concept and outlook of the company. “Previously, the company had a cold feel about it. We are now looking at customer satisfaction and cultural differences in each of the countries we operate. And since it is now owned by a US company, naturally the approach to the cultural difference will be different to that of an Italian company,” said Ward.

In April 2014, Sacmi sold Negri Bossi to Kingsbury NB LLC, a joint-venture between Kingsbury and the private equity company AuSable Capital.

With its order books full and expectations of double digit growth, Negri Bossi is also reviewing sales in the regions, especially in Europe that takes up 25% of its turnover, followed by the US and Asia.

Ward said, “We are looking for growth through customer satisfaction, which is sensible growth. We have increased our sales networks and invested in the US and in India.” According to Ward, expansion in the US is logical, “because everyone wants to be in that market.”

Since Negri Bossi’s Indian subsdiary is the hub for the Asian market, it is expanding in the country in a big way. “We are currently renting a facility in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, that has a production capacity of 100 machines but since we expect to sell more than 100 machines and since the capacity will fill up by next year, we are now to going to buy a piece of land and develop a greenfield facility.” According to Ward, the company will confirm by September the land purchase and building of the new facility. With the exception of the controllers, all the machinery parts are made in India.

When asked about its product lines, Ward said, “We will review our machinery lines in the longer term, to develop new products. Currently, we are ensconced in the mass market product line and not in any specialist markets.”

At Plast, it showcased five, fully integrated, injection moulding machines, focusing particular attention on energy consumption and multi-material moulding. It exhibited a 1,100 tonne machine from the eVector series that was moulding a frame of a car light in PMMA; the eCanbio series with Smartflex clamping unit and hydraulic system Smart Energy was moulding a snorkelling mask in tri-material, including LSR. The whole system, developed in cooperation with Guzzini Engineering, allows a complete product to be achieved without post production.

Others were the eCanbimat 330 with a vertical injection unit and the e500, with Smart Energy device, with a two cavity mould for the production of a bi-material automotive part in PP and thermoplastic rubber. The rubber injection was made through an independent injection unit directly linked to the mould.


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