StackTeck’s IMC closure mould boasts faster closing time

StackTeck’s IMC closure mould boasts

StackTeck Systems, a Canadian manufacturer of multi-cavity, high-volume production moulds for thinwall packaging, closures, personal care and medical products, says its newly developed IMC mould actuates in 0.35 seconds representing a 75% reduction in closing time, compared to a conventional IMC mould with a cycle time delay of 1.5 seconds for closing.

It recently showcased the servo IMC technology at the NPE show in Orlando, US.

A 1×4 flip-top closure mould featuring a servo actuated IMC mechanism was shown running at the Wittmann Battenfeld booth W-3742 in an EcoPower 180/750 machine with fully integrated Wittmann 4.0 auxiliaries including a W833 Pro Robot with mould following.

StackTeck has also used a KoolTrack mould stack design for optimal cooling, resulting in reduced hold/cool time and an overall cycle time 3-4 seconds faster than a conventional flip-top closure mould.

The servo drive technology is suitable for unscrewing and flip top caps through a simple interface to the moulding machine.

The arrangement of the IMC closing mechanism remains the same as StackTeck’s proven existing design, based on a track record with production moulds with over 1,000 cavities, with a single servo drive mounted at the top of the mould. The complete mould and control system are well suited to mould changes between different standard machines.


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