Expansions: Domo to expand production of PA in China; PPG to build US$17 mn aerospace support centre in France

Domo to expand production of PA in China

Engineering materials producer Domo Chemicals has a long-term investment plan in China to continue expanding its production capacity of Technyl high-performance polyamides. This plan aims to meet growing demand in the automotive, electrical & electronics, and industrial consumer goods industries, and help build a sustainable future. Domo Chemicals acquired Solvay's Performance Polyamides business in 2020 and has sold the Technyl products globally since February 2022, including in China, one of the company's key strategic markets.

The global demand for polyamide materials is currently booming at a CAGR of up to 3%. The adoption of new energy vehicles (including pure electric, hybrid and fuel cell vehicles) is expected to reach 45% globally by 2030, and automakers are increasingly using sustainable materials to make components, which are key growth drivers of the polyamide market. In addition, the demand for miniaturised circuit breakers, contactors, plug switches, and other components in the electrical and electronics and industrial consumer goods industries further opens up the application potential for polyamide materials.

Asia is the fastest growing market for polyamides in the world, with the majority of that growth concentrated in China. As an integrated producer of PA 6/66, Domo says it is committed to improving and expanding its production facilities in China in order to increase capacity and establish a strong presence. This will help local manufacturers keep pace with emerging trends and create innovative, high-performance and sustainable products and applications.

To this end, Domo will continue to expand the capacity of its production site in Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province, which has been planned to be gradually introduced in three stages:

  • Since March 2022, an additional 6,000 tonnes of capacity has been made available, with the plant achieving the total capacity of 14,000 tonnes of PA6 from April onwards.

  • A 35,000-tonne new plant in Haiyan is planned to be completed in the third quarter of 2023, in which Domo has invested more than EUR14 million.

  • Going forward, Domo says it will further expand the plant, gradually increasing its capacity to 50,000 tonnes.

Since its birth in 1953, Technyl has offered a full range of solutions based on PA 6/66. With its flame retardancy, high temperature resistance, chemical resistance, impact resistance and environmental friendliness, it allows OEMs and component makers in the automotive, electrical & electronics, and industrial consumer goods segments to create lightweight, durable, aesthetically pleasing, smart and environmentally-friendly products, adds Domo.

Fabrizio Cochi, Vice President Asian Operations adds, “Technyl is also celebrating its first year of growth in China as Domo Chemicals officially launches the brand's global production and distribution network in February 2022.”

The Domaid, Econamaid and Thermec engineered material solution brands are gradually being combined under the Technyl brand to form a new Technyl high-performance polyamide family. Technyl 4 Earth is an environmentally friendly product based on recyclable materials and certified for CO2 reduction, which the new plant will be equipped with the capability of offering.

In addition, Technyl Pure is an electrically neutral product for highly sensitive, high-purity electronic and fuel cell systems; and Technyl Shape is an easy-to-process product specifically designed for extrusion and blow moulding processes.

PPG to build US$17 mn aerospace support centre in France

In other news, materials firm PPG says that it will invest US$17 million to build an aerospace application support centre (ASC) in Toulouse, France. PPG anticipates breaking ground for the new facility in the third quarter of 2022 and beginning operations in the fourth quarter of 2023. The facility will be strategically located near aerospace customers and the Toulouse Blagnac Airport. This will be the fifth PPG ASC in the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region and the second in France, in addition to the ASC in Gonfreville.

“The construction of a new ASC will allow us to better serve and collaborate with our aerospace customers in the region,” said Dirk Thelen, PPG general manager, Aerospace, EMEA. “The new facility will enhance our ability to provide unparalleled responsiveness and customer support, leading to faster qualification of products and higher participation in new projects, earlier in the development cycle.”

Capabilities at the ASC will include a development and qualification laboratory for aerospace materials, a color blending area for coatings, and a spray booth for hands-on training. It will also house filling lines for touch-up kits, a transparencies inspection cell, customized packaging capabilities for third-party products, chemical management resources and a customer service center.

“ASC-Toulouse will be the 17th application support center in our worldwide network,” Thelen said. “As we continue to grow our reach globally, we can ensure that all of our customers have convenient access to our latest aerospace technologies, while also improving the delivery of our products and providing technical resources regionally.”


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