PET release film growth driven by electronic products

Teijin DuPont Films, a global joint venture partnership for polyester films between Teijin Limited and E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Co., says that sales of its Purex PET (polyethylene terephthalate) release film have increased more than 60% over last year, supported by growing demand for optical applications including smartphones and tablets. The firm says it intends to expand the electronics market for Purex to US$100 million by 2015.

Purex is a release film made by applying silicone coating on PET film. Its many features include tempostabile releasability, wettability and antistatic and antifouling properties, as well as a durably release layer. Purex is widely used in a range of electronics products, including:

  • low-viscosity adhesive sheet for bonding the cover panels and touch panel modules of smartphones and tablets
  • protection film for polarisers used in liquid crystal displays
  • green sheet for ceramic condensers.

In addition, Purex is used in fields where high cleanliness is required, including electronic and medical applications, because the entire manufacturing process—from film production to processing—is handled in cleanrooms.


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