Nissei expands to India

Japanese injection moulding machine maker Nissei Plastic Industrial is taking its business south with the set up of a sales subsidiary for the Indian market. The subsidiary started operating 1November.

Nissei Plastic has been providing support for Japanese and local businesses in the area through a representative office in Gurgaon, located on the outskirt of Delhi, and through a distributer in Mumbai. Japanese companies, mainly automotive industries, have been expanding their businesses in the Indian market in recent years, and this trend is expected to grow. In order to promote proactive sales activities and provide sufficient injection moulding machine maintenance/service for the Indian market, a representative office was transformed into the overseas subsidiary where two Japanese and two local staff members are currently working.

Located about 30 minutes from Delhi's Indira Gandhi International Airport, Gurgaon is an area where many Japanese automotive corporations are expanding. Neemrana, a Japanese industrial zone, is among other industrial areas of Delhi conveniently accessible within two hours of Gurgaon.

Nissei Plastic India is the 10th overseas sales subsidiary established by the firm. Other subsidiaries are located in the US, Mexico, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia (subsidiary of Singapore), Thailand, and Vietnam.


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