Trexel forms partnerships with Milacron and Lubrizol for its MuCell technology

Trexel, the innovator of the patented MuCell foaming technology, has entered into partnership with machine technology provider Milacron and materials supplier Lubrizol Engineered Polymers.

The deal will allow Milacron to incorporate the MuCell technology into its injection moulding equipment offering. Likewise, Milacron will receive the rights to resell the Trexel MuCell SCF gas dosing equipment directly to its customers under the Milacron, Ferromatik, Uniloy and Mold-Masters brands, while transferring the operating rights under Trexel’s patents to end users without any added fees or costs.

Trexel’s MuCell foaming involves the introduction of precisely metered quantities of atmospheric gases (nitrogen or carbon dioxide) to create a foamed part, resulting in engineered plastic components, while reducing production costs associated with lower material consumption, moulding cycle times, and reduced machine clamping tonnage requirements.

Meanwhile, Lubrizol has developed a new high performance TPU foam technology: BounCell-X, which is a combination of Lubrizol’s Estane TPU chemistry with the MuCell physical foam injection moulding. BounCell-X is a plasticiser-free, thermoplastic foam with low density and improved performance.

Benefits of BounCell-X include:

  • Light weight
  • Outstanding long-term cushioning
  • Thin solid skin for durable TPU performance
  • Broad Property Range: hardness and energy absorption/return
  • High efficiency injection moulding process with over-moulding feasibility
  • Use of Industrial regrind/post-consumer recycling possibility due to no crosslinking or chemical blowing agents in foaming process

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