Arburg holds first packaging event; visitors from Asia attend

Injection moulding machine maker Arburg says its first event focused on packaging was a success, receiving guests from Brazil, the US, Finland, Portugal and from China and South Korea. “We are delighted that so many experts from around the world have come to Lossburg for the Arburg Packaging Days 2014,” said Helmut Heinson, Managing Director Sales at Arburg, as he welcomed some 220 international guests on 5 November. “Topics such as machine availability, production efficiency and service and spare parts supply are particularly important in the packaging industry. Our aim is to examine all of these aspects in detail during the international conference.”

Specialist presentations and machine demonstrations

The focus lay on the topic of production efficiency, which was considered all along the value chain. Arburg offered a live presentation of four injection moulding solutions for the cost-efficient production of thin-walled containers, closures and other packaging items. In a series of specialist presentations, internal and external speakers explained market trends and technical solutions. Moreover, guests had the opportunity to hold discussions with the experts and to take a look behind the scenes at the German machine manufacturer’s headquarters.

“Our first event to focus specifically on the topic of packaging attracted a number of well-known customers and speakers,” summarised Andreas Reich, Senior Sales Manager Packaging at Arburg. “We showed in very practical terms how we have adapted our modular injection moulding technology to the specific needs of the packaging industry in recent years and the response has been extremely positive overall.”

One example of this is Kevin Chew, Technical Manager at Apex Plastech, Thailand, and a speaker at the international conference in Lossburg: “We have been using injection moulding machines from Arburg for the past three years and have already become major fans. As well as the reliable machine technology, we are particularly impressed with the company’s personnel, who support us with great expertise whenever we need it and who have our absolute trust. In his presentation, he explained how his company has managed, with Arburg’s help, to switch to the packaging industry, becoming one of the leading manufacturers in this area in Thailand.

Innovative packaging applications

Arburg demonstrated a system built around a hybrid Allrounder 720H in the “Packaging” (P) version as an example for the drinks industry. A 72-cavity mould from z-moulds was used to produce so-called PCO-1881 closures for carbonated soft drinks (CSD) in a cycle time of only around 3.5 seconds. Downstream, a closure cooling unit made by eisbär Trockentechnik and an optical quality control system from Intravis were also on view.

A hybrid Allrounder 720H, also in the “Packaging” (P) version, equipped with a mould from Roth Werkzeugbau, produced four 200 millilitre thin-walled barrier containers in a cycle time of 5 seconds. Thanks to the use of so-called “full cover labels”, these containers are also suitable for oxygen- or light-sensitive products. The special labels required a special insertion method, which was implemented in the IML system from Waldorf.

Arburg used a high-speed application to demonstrate the potential of the electric Alldrive machine series. An electric Allrounder 820A with a clamping force of 400 tonnes and a size 2100 injection unit, equipped with a 24+24-cavity mould from Fratelli Bianchi produced 24 ready-to-ship cutlery sets in a cycle time of around 5.5 seconds. This corresponded to an output of around 31,500 parts/hour. Removal and packaging in PP film were handled by an automation system from Campetella Robotic.

The fourth application in the Customer Centre demonstrated the cost-effective production of thin-walled tubs. In addition, a hybrid Allrounder 570H and a mould from Kebo were in action, on which the number of cavities can be varied. With this flexible test mould, Arburg actively promotes internal process acceptance processes, as well as the further development of its own machine technology.


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