High heat ABS offers lower part weight for roof hatch

ELIX image

BOS Group, a supplier of systems and components for the automotive industry, selected new high heat ABS HH3114 from Elix Polymers for the production of roof hatches for heavy duty trucks of a German automobile manufacturer.

The roof hatch is produced using injection mould technology with sequential controlled hot runner valve gates. The material Elix ABS HH3114 was chosen to meet the high requirements of the application and, following mould-flow-analysis, the technical departments of BOS, Schulman and Elix Polymers worked together intensively to design both the part and the tool.

The part, which requires complex assembly and features several innovative functions, was produced in special colours to match the truck’s interior.

In production, HH3114 offers a number of processing advantages. These include excellent processability and high flow, resulting in competitive cycle times. Less mould deposits means less mould cleaning and bring significant cost savings and higher productivity. The final part offers a weight reduction of 8% when compared to PC/ABS thanks to the lower density of high heat ABS (1.04) vs PC/ABS (1.13). Moreover, high heat ABS is more economical than PC/ABS

The ABS HH3114 is part of a new range of high heat materials developed by Elix Polymers. In addition to processing and performance benefits, the range is characterised by its low emissions and odour – for example, HH3114: VDA277=9,9 μg C/g, VDA278 VOC=16/FOG=3 μg/g (ppm), VDA270=3,0.


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