Arburg introduces largest machine model; on target for higher sales


The recently concluded K2016 show, undoubtedly one of the largest plastics shows in the world, is a place where companies introduce their best innovative technology.

One such company was German injection moulding machine maker Arburg that launched its largest machine in its stable, the Allrounder 1120 H with a clamping force of 650 tonnes, with the new Gestica control system.

According to Heinz Gaub, Managing Director Technology & Engineering at Arburg, the hybrid Allrounder 1120H extends the top end of the company's products, combining electric speed with hydraulic power. The dry cycle time is 2.4 seconds and the maximum opening stroke is 1,050 mm.

It also features a new design, such as, what Gaub explained, were the practical extras “for simplifying the set-up and operating sequences of the large machine. These include fold-out steps for accessing the clamping unit, service cabinets for the power supply equipment and integrated LED light strips that indicate the operating state.”

The machine was shown moulding a 1,092 g folding step stool designed folding-step-stool by the Design Tech design studio, which was also involved in the development of the new Allrounder. The step stool was moulded in a turnkey system producing eight individual parts in one process that were removed by a Multilift V robot, with a 40 kg load-bearing capacity. The newly launched robotic system transferred the parts to an assembly cell with six-axis robots, where the stool was finished and assembled within the moulding cycle.

Meanwhile, the new Gestica control system, which is based on Arburg’s earlier Selogica control system, is updated with a modern glass front and industry-compatible multi-touch technology.


With the new "Easyslider" operating element, movements can be simply and precisely controlled and displayed via colour-variable LED technology during set-up, says Arburg. Acceleration and deceleration can be controlled "with a swipe of the finger" along a bar at the edge of the screen. The data records of the new Gestica and Selogica control systems are compatible and the hierarchical structure and graphical programming system are identical.

Other machines that were debuted are the new Allrounder Cube series and the new Allrounder 2000 T rotary table machine. The Cube is designed for high-speed cube-mould applications and has the possibility of mounting moulds of up to 16 tonnes. The machine boasts 10% more output with 25% lower energy, said Arburg.

A 2900 model with a 32+32-cavity cube mould from Foboha was shown producing two-colour flip-top closures for Pril washing-up liquid bottles from Henkel.

Achieving targets for 2016

Meanwhile, Michael Hehl Managing Partner/Spokesperson for Arburg, said the Lossburg-based firm had achieved its record turnover in 2015.

“At EUR596 million our consolidated turnover was around 9% higher than the previous year. We have continued on this successful course in 2016. We can now look back on a year that has been extremely satisfactory to date. From a current perspective, we can expect to break the EUR600 million mark in terms of turnover.”

He also said that having opened a new assembly hall recently, Arburg’s next major project is the construction of a multi-storey building with a usable floor space of 13,700 sq m to expand its capacity in Lossburg for administration and customer activities, such as training courses and seminars.

“This involves an investment of tens of millions of euros. Work will begin in the spring of 2017, after the Technology Days,” he added.

As for sales, Gerhard Böhm Managing Director Sales, said that though Germany remains the company’s largest and most important market, the company is also satisfied with the business developments in Southern/Eastern Europe as well as Asia. “This proves that we chose the right path during the past years when we decided to expand our activities in Asia. We intend to continue in this vein for the future.”

The company set up a new subsidiary in Taiwan this year, bringing the total number of Arburg national organisations to 25 at 33 different locations.


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