Mitsubishi to invest in Italian CFRP auto parts manufacturer, CPC


Tokyo-headquartered Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation (MCC)is investing in Modena-based CPC, an Italian company manufacturing and selling automobile components made of carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP), as part of its efforts to strengthen the carbon fibre business in the US and European markets. Mitsubishi Chemical Carbon Fibre and Composites GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of MCC, acquired a 44% equity stake in CPC from its founder.

CPC owns one of the world’s largest press facilities exclusively used for pressing of composite materials that are capable of developing and moulding large component materials. In the future, MCC will study additional investments in CPC.

MCC envisages boosting its consolidated sales from the carbon fibre composite materials business to 100 billion yen in 2020 under APTSIS 20, a medium-term management plan formulated by the Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group. To achieve this goal, MCC is committed to expanding its carbon fibre composite material business in industrial sectors, especially the auto parts sector in which demand for such materials is booming.


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