Fastening business opportunities with Taiwanese hardware

Fastening business opportunities with Taiwanese hardware

Taiwan is a power house in the hand tooling industry. In 2019, it had exports of over US$3.8 billion, ranking number three in the world. Whereas, its exports of fasteners was at US$4 billion, ranking it as the world’s top four, according to Simon Wang, Executive Vice President of the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA).

Fasteners are important foundational parts for machinery, construction, architecture, electronic, motor, electrical industries and more. As more countries get industrialised, the demand for fasteners is growing. Benefiting from advanced technology in ICT, Taiwan is recognised for its research and development of various hardware devices and technologies. With that, Taiwan Excellence hosted the “Building Material and Fastener Webinar” on 30 October to showcase the latest hand tools and fasteners.

Here are some of the highlights during the event:

    Fastening business opportunities with Taiwanese hardware
  • King Slide’s "Simlead Metal Drawer System” is the world’s first drawer safety design. The system accommodates three innovative features: the Ever-Active Push Open that provides a truly handless experience with its push-to-open technology, the Switchable Push-Open Design that allows the push-open function to be enabled or disabled by a simple flip of a switch, and the Vibration Safety Design that prevents drawers opening during sudden abnormal vibration.

  • Fastening business opportunities with Taiwanese hardware
  • Sheh Kai Precision’s “Concrete Screw Anchor” is a fastener product with high ductility within the load bearing area of the fastener. High ductility leads to lower sensitivity, which will safeguard the fastener from the disadvantages of embrittlement such as sudden loss of strength, unexpected and delayed failure. The anchor is also easier to install compared to the traditional expansion anchors, making it less time consuming.

  • TRONCO Electric Machinery’s “Sliding Door Operator” is a smart automatic sliding door that combines the microprocessor controller and brushless servo motor, making it self-detectable and self-restorable. Its modular design also makes it easy to install and maintain the system. Besides that, the product has multiple protections and is compatible with many safety devices and access control units.

  • Sheh Fung Screws’s “Timber Construction Screws” come in four different types: Wafer Head, Double Flat Head Sharp Point, Cheese Head, and Double Flat Head Drill Point. To cater to different needs, there are many dimensions and lengths available as well to provide a variety of choices to their customers. In one screw, there are a few thread designs, making it easy to handle and time saving.

For more information on the full webinar, visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nWlINkrUv1I&feature=youtu.be


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