Arburg extends injection moulding expertise to Taiwanese university

In the context of the Taipei Plas 2014 in Taiwan, Helmut Heinson, Managing Director Sales, and Andrea Carta, Overseas Director, signed a cooperation agreement between German Arburg and Taiwan’s Ming Chi University of Technology.During their visit to the University, they were able to gain an initial impression of the use of Arburg injection moulding technology for training the students.In this context, they extended an invitation to academics and students to visit the Arburg parent factory in Lossburg and attend training there.

Ming Chi University already collaborates closely with the largest Taiwanese industrial enterprise, the Formosa Plastic Group.This globally operating company has successfully invested in important sectors such as biotechnology, health and medical technology, the oil industry and in plastics processing in recent years.

Through the cooperation with Arburg, the injection moulding expertise is to be further enhanced at the University.According to Arburg, C&F Corporation Limited facilitated this initiative with Ming Chi University. C&F has represented Arburg for over 35 years now, and has built an excellent network with the Taiwanese and Chinese industries; it has previously held seminars at the said university.

Meanwhile, Ming Chi University would like to use Arburg injection moulding technology in its educational and training activities as well as in research and development, particularly in the area of medical technology.This is primarily to take place in cooperation with various Taiwanese hospitals.Through the cooperation between the University and Arburg, contacts to regional industrial companies will also be expanded to the benefit of both partners: Arburg can demonstrate the high performance of its injection moulding technology and its comprehensive expertise, as well as further raising its profile in Taiwan and China. In addition to improving the training conditions for students and practitioners from regional injection moulding companies, the university management is also interested in enhancing job opportunities for the trained graduates.

During the period of the agreement, initially of two years, injection moulding experts from Arburg and C&F, for example, will hold regular seminars and workshops as part of the engineering curriculum of Ming Chi University in order to provide practical training for students and teaching staff.


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