Husky shows off controllers and hot runners at Fakuma 2015

Husky Injection Molding Systems will showcase its latest hot runner and controller technologies for the Automotive and Medical markets at Fakuma 2015 from 13-17 October in Friedrichshafen, Germany.

Husky’s booth will highlight its capability to control both the mould with Altanium Servo Control, and part quality with Ultra Helix valve gate nozzles. The Canadian firm’s new Lucent manifold line for automotive lighting will compliment solutions for the automotive market.

The Altanium controllers are built on a software platform that allows for greater integration with other Husky products, providing a foundation to support total mould control with mould servo controlled actuation, in addition to valve gate and temperature control.

Specific technologies on display will include Altanium Servo Control, which will demonstrate three linear and one rotary servo axis, as well as heat control using new integrated H-series control cards for all Altanium controllers.

These new Altanium H-series cards now offer a premium level of control and traceability that provide additional diagnostics capabilities.

To further highlight the advantages of valve stem motion control, Husky will also display its UltraSync-E hot runner. The latter is said to offer unmatched control in valve stem actuation, system robustness and lowest cost of ownership.

Husky also will demonstrate its new Ultra Helix valve gate technology, which provides the ability to direct-gate parts while still achieving a gate quality that looks as clean as an ejector pin mark.

“Ultra Helix is a revolution in valve gate technology,” said Stefano Mirti, Husky’s President of Hot Runners. “Ultra Helix could only be designed within Husky’s unique culture of innovation. Our goal is to drive superior technology development that exceeds customer expectations and our next generation nozzles are a prime example of that approach. We are pleased to announce the expansion of nozzles available for Ultra Helix. The larger 750 series and smaller 350 series expand the application breadth to customers who require long lasting nozzles that provide incredible gate quality.”

Husky will also be introducing its new Lucent manifold line for automotive lighting, as well as the recently launched UNIFY pre-assembled manifold system. The new Lucent system will include Husky’s UltraSeal technology to ensure leak-proof operation in the most demanding production environments.


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