Ultrathin single serve cups made possible with StackTeck’s TRIM technology


StackTeck Systems Ltd says that its enhanced TRIM (Thin Recess Injection Moulding) technology for ultra-lightweight packaging can now be used for single-serve applications.

TRIM technology applied now to single-serve applications allows downstream printing in an area that can cover 75% of the part’s sidewalls, which translates into the lowest possible cost injection moulding option.

A 4 cavity TRIM mould for a 200 mL round IML cup will be running in the Ilsemann booth A-56 in Hall 10 at K2016 in a high performance Arburg machine.

“With the use of this enhanced TRIM Technology, we are able to mould a cup that has ultra-thin panels of .008” (0.2 mm) thickness, offering the lowest possible cost with printable capabilities, while keeping IML as an option for this type of application,” said Jordan Robertson, General Manager, Business Development and Marketing.

It has been demonstrated that with the use of TRIM technology, conventional lightweight parts with an L/T (ratio of length to average thickness) up to 300, can be made thinner with additional light-weighting of 30-40% by weight.

With the technology, StackTeck says that downstream printing becomes feasible, i.e., print area can cover 75% of sidewall; lowest possible cost IM cup; and 20% lighter than conventional IM.

Moreover, IML remains an option: 100% wrap around coverage; smooth cavity for label; colour contrast between label and part; and 20% lighter than conventional IM-IML


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