DSM to collaborate with 3D Hubs on 3D tooling


With more engineers turning to 3D printed tooling to replace traditional machined techniques for the benefits that it brings in terms of reduction production time and cost, Dutch chemicals firm DSM is to collaborate with 3D Hubs to provide 3D printed tooling.

Tools can be created with this technique using DSM’s SomosPerForm composite material in what the company says is just a few days compared to weeks. This means that product designs and modifications can be tested and verified quickly ultimately leading to faster time to market.

Moulds created with SomosPerform are also said to have a high level of surface smoothness and detail along with high heat resistance and impact strength. This combination of properties allows for the development of complex moulds for various applications and the ability to injection mould with multiple materials including polyethylene, polypropylene, polycarbonate, ABS and glass filled nylon, says DSM.

3D Hubs is an online platform that provides customers around the world access to local and specialised manufacturing services. Through its platform, 3D Hubs has obtained a network of global certified service providers that are skilled in rapid tooling and provide 3D printed tools or moulds made with SomosPerForm.

“We are excited to collaborate with 3D Hubs to offer the market a place where they can obtain high quality 3D printed tools and service,” says Brigitte Jacobs, Application Development Manager for Somos. “We work closely with 3D Hubs to verify the 3D printing tooling service providers in their network to ensure that the quality and expertise for creating the tooling is top notch.”

“The collaboration with Somos on 3D printed tooling further expands our network of manufacturing services and product offering,” says Bram de Zwart, CEO 3D Hubs. “We are always targeting to offer our customers cutting edge materials and service. Adding SomosPerForm to our portfolio expands what our customers can do and allows them to create high quality 3D printed tools,” he added.

DSM introduced SomosPerForm composite material in 2014.

Founded in 2013, 3D’s online platform has production facilities connected in over 160 countries, and the network has since produced more than 1 million parts.


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