Keba sets up subsidiary in India

KEBA Team at the Automation Expo

Automation specialist Keba, with its headquarters in Linz, Austria, is continuing along its path of increasing internationalisation by opening a subsidiary in Pune, close to Mumbai in India.

Keba says it has had a successful presence in India with its control solutions for machinery since 2010, and it has also been increasingly active in the area of robotics since 2015. The opening of this subsidiary is a reflection of the dynamically growing market in India.

“India is one of the strongest emerging markets in Asia in terms of growth. With our subsidiary in Pune, we are putting in place the ideal prerequisites for providing optimal service to our existing clients in the area of machinery Gerhard-Luftensteiner and robot manufacturing and for expanding our market presence even further,” says Keba CEO Gerhard Luftensteiner.

Pune is close to Mumbai and, with its population of around 3.4 million, is the ninth-largest city in India. The city is a leading industrial centre in India that is home to machine manufacturers, the automotive industry and its associated suppliers.

According to Keba, technology from Europe is attractive for export-oriented domestic companies in India and the market potential for this technology is considerable, especially for the automation specialist’s solutions like KePlast and KeMotion.

With the new base in India, Keba is now present in 14 countries worldwide, including the US and others across Europe and Asia.

Keba was founded in 1968 and in the last fiscal year (April 2017 – March 2018), it achieved a turnover of EUR253.6 million across the group. The company currently has around 1,200 employees worldwide.


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