Thai toothbrush maker gets a grip on the handle with TPE material

Thai toothbrush maker gets a grip on the handle with TPE

When it comes to a toothbrush, not much attention is placed on the toothbrush handle. But it plays an important role in the grip. Thai manufacturer of toothbrushes and household brushes First Thai Brush Co has taken this into consideration in its choice of the material. It selected a thermoplastic elastomer or TPE grade from Kraiburg TPE to enhance the ergonomics and functionality of its Victory toothbrush product lines with a soft-touch grip.

TPEs have become important components in the manufacture of consumer products. When First Thai Brush decided to redesign the handle of its Victory toothbrushes, it was looking for a flexible material with food-contact approval, design freedom and efficient processability, including compatibility with other plastics in a co-moulding process that would not require a bonding agent to ensure long-term adhesion, says Kraiburg.

Moreover, ergonomics is key when it comes to designing high-quality functional toothbrushes. The use of an elastomeric material for the brush handle provides a pleasant soft-touch and non-slip grip, which helps users achieve optimal cleaning motion with less pressure, according to Kraiburg.

Thus, First Thai Brush selected a high-transparency food-contact grade from Kraiburg’s Thermolast K range of consumer care compounds that also deliver a smooth silky surface finish and offer the perfect balance between flexibility and hardness to obtain the desired haptics.

In addition, the material combines high flowability and adhesion to polar thermoplastics, such as PC, ABS and PETG, with colourability for versatile promotional effects. These were the properties First Thai Brush took into consideration for its Victory toothbrushes.

Established in 1938, The First Thai Brush is Thailand’s leading toothbrush and household brush manufacturer. The company also markets toothbrushes under the Ablue brand name and exports Anchor, Eastman and Kamel household and industrial brushes.


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